Sledge becomes Master Chief in a Rainbow Six and Halo crossover

Published:10:24, 05 October 2023

Just in case all the other skins didn't take away the feeling of contemporary tactical operators in Rainbow Six Siege, this one admittedly cool outfit for Sledge will.

Ubisoft released a trailer for the new Sledge Legendary outfit in Rainbow Six Siege which is way more famous than the operator himself as it is the iconic look of John-117, or as the world knows him - Master Chief.

The outfit features all the parts of the Mjolnir armour, including the helmet Master Chief never removes, a memo the TV show clearly didn't get.

Additionally, both the primary and secondary weapons' appearance will be altered as they become something that resembles the Halo weaponry, although not necessarily identical.

Additionally, players can obtain a Cortana chibi charm.

The skin is already available in the store for purchase if you are a fan of either Sledge or Master Chief, this is the place to go.