GTA 6 will reportedly feature Joe Rogan's podcast

Published:09:37, 05 October 2023

With GTA looming on the horizon, leaks about the game seem to be ramping up and they may not please the fans of the series.

Rock Star's GTA series has always had a satirical tone with the in-game companies, personalities, celebrities, brands and so on. 

For example, in the real world, there is NASDAQ and in GTA it's called BAWSAQ with characters often referencing such things while the game pokes fun at real-world equivalents.

Now it seems like a piece of real-world is going to be introduced in the next GTA, seemingly without being altered.

GTA Online already introduced real-life characters without parodying them

According to Audioviser's sources, the game will incorporate Joe Rogan in some capacity, most likely by having Joe Rogan Experience episodes integrated into the radio stations.

Joe Rogan Experience has accrued massive popularity over the years and while the host's views may be polarising to some audiences, his success is undeniable in general.