F1 23 Review: Pinnacle of racing

Updated:10:34, 06 October 2023
Published:10:33, 05 October 2023

With some of the most satisfying and electrifying racing that video games have to offer, F1 23 represents the true pinnacle of the long-running Formula 1 simulation series.

EA and Codemasters' annual F1 game is finally here and we spent some time playing the returning story experience Braking Point 2 and My Team Career Mode over the last several days to see how this new F1 game holds on its own but also compares to previous F1 titles.

F1 23 promised a lot and it delivered on that and then some more. It's probably one of the best, if not the best F1 video game that Codemasters have ever made. Focusing on improving the most important aspect of a racing game - the driving - Codemasters and EA created one of the most satisfying racing experiences ever.

F1 23 - Cars feel absolutely amazing to drive regardless of which one you pick


F1's story mode is back with even more drama on and off the track. The introduction of the Braking Point mode in F1 21 was certainly one of the best decisions that Codemasters made for its annual series even though, it didn't really hit all the right notes due to an overly dramatic plot that would even put Netflix's Drive to Survive series to shame. 

In Braking Point 2, you'll meet both old and new characters. Aiden Jackson and his infamous rival Devon Butler are back as teammates in a newly formed Konnersport Racing Team, which is struggling to find success as the pressure from its financial backer mounts on the team's principals.

F1 23 looks incredible, especially during the night races, like this one in Bahrain

In a nutshell, F1 23 is the most fun I've ever had with an F1 game, regardless of which mode you're playing. Be it an F2 race, your slowest of the pack car in the Career Mode or the top of the class Red Bull, every car in F1 23 feels amazing to drive.I'd recommend turning off as many assists as you can as that's when the game really shines, making you feel synchronised with the car, which responds so well in the corners. EA and Codemasters have introduced a new mechanic this year called Precision Drive, which, according to them allows for more control, precision and finesse for controller users.