Why Remnant 2 could be a strong Game of the Year contender

Published:16:43, 04 October 2023

While it's still quite early and many games are yet to come this year, the impact of Remnant 2 has been so profound that it's highly likely we're looking at a potential contender for Game of the Year.

The year 2023 has already proven to be exceptionally abundant in terms of video game releases, and it's only August. The upcoming fall season promises its usual wealth of highly anticipated titles, as publishers traditionally reserve this period to launch their top-notch games onto the market.

With major releases like Hogwarts Legacy , Star Wars Jedi: Survivor , Diablo 4 , and more, we'd be content with the games released this year even if it ended now.

Remnant 2 is like no other game in the market

And looking ahead, there's more to come, like Starfield , Marvel's Spider-Man 2 , and the new Assassin's Creed game we've been waiting for a long time. 

Yet, there's a game we recently had the opportunity to play that might not have gained as much attention during its release compared to those mentioned big titles. 

However, its remarkable quality makes it, in my view, a strong contender for the title of game of the year. And this is true even though we're discussing it this early, well before the year has even reached autumn.

Remnant 2 literally has secrets within secrets

Absolutely, we're referring to Remnant 2 , a third-person shooter in the style of Souls-like games developed by Gunfire Games, the same studio that brought us the impressive predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes. 

In this piece, I aim to convey why I believe Remnant 2 deserves the utmost acclaim and why it's highly likely to stand as a formidable contender for one of the top games of 2023, and why not even for the Game of the Year title.

A huge number of gameplay adjustments in form of rings, amulets and more are present in Remnant 2

Amid a multitude of similar games that, once played, tend to blur together and imitate each other's content with little variation, Remnant 2 shines by presenting a distinct style. Even if you attempt to draw comparisons, it defies likeness, as there's truly nothing quite akin to it. Admittedly, Remnant 2 falls within the third-person shooter category, and while it doesn't revolutionise the genre itself, what sets it apart is the seamless integration of Souls-like elements into firearm-centric gameplay. The remarkable equilibrium it strikes between challenge and fun is a rarity. While there are other shooters incorporating Souls elements, none come close to the level of excellence displayed by Remnant 2.