League of Legends 2v2 arena ranked mode explained

Published:16:33, 04 October 2023

Riot Games revealed all the details on how the new 2v2 arena mode will work in League of Legends, including the ranked system.

League of Legends is finally getting a new persistent game mode, following the exits of Twisted Treeline and Dominion over the past few years. 

Riot Games placed a lot of emphasis on the 2v2 Arena it seems and it will borrow some elements from Teamfight Tactics, such as team health and different rounds. 

That said, there are no PvE rounds but there is a ranked system where you can end up in the Wood tier.

Soul Fighter arena beckons

The number of tiers is notably lower than that in Summoner's Rift but it's not out of the realm of possibility that more will be added later on, provided enough players remain interested in the mode. 

Remember how we mentioned there are no PvE rounds before? Well there aren't but Soul Fighter NPCs will start joining the fray from round four onwards but they will be neutral and operate as battlefield hazards. Don't step in that Lux laser!