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Newest Valorant in-game teaser and everything we know about Agent 24

Published:10:20, 05 October 2023

Valorant enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation as Riot Games teases the arrival of Agent 24. While the exact release date remains a well-guarded secret, Riot has tantalized the community with intriguing hints and this is what we know so far.

It is only a matter of time before Valorant gets the newest addition to the team, Agent 24. As usual, Riot have been giving the community a few hints as to who (or what) it might be.

While we aren't quite sure when the mysterious agent will be released, we do have a few pieces of information about who they are from the current battlepass and a few places on the maps in the game.

Sounds are the most crucial element of a competitive shooter game

Firstly, the agent is confirmed to be a duelist , and their ultimate has been revealed in the game in the form of a purple flower-shaped teleporter, and players have confirmed that so far it only appears during the first 20 seconds of the first round on the defender side spawn on Sunset. 

There are three different spots on the spawn where it can appear.Next, one of the two rewards for reaching tier 50 of the current battlepass is a player card with the same flower-shaped teleporter, and it is speculated that the teleporter is the ultimate ability of the new agent, giving them the ability to go.