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Lies of P Update 1.2 nerfs bosses and increases Ergo drop rate

Updated:16:17, 04 October 2023
Published:16:16, 04 October 2023

The latest Lies of P patch is now live across all platforms, bringing major balancing changes that make certain bosses much easier to defeat.

Neowiz have today released a major patch for their soul-like action RPG Lies of P, which recently launched on PC and consoles.

The update numbered mostly introduces balancing changes which some players will surely appreciate as certain bosses should be easier to defeat now.

Additionally, there are changes to loot drops so you'll get more Ergo from some monsters in Lorenzini Arcade and the drop rate of Moonstone, Star Fragments and Ergo items have also been boosted.

There are many other neat changes in the patch so we suggest you take a look at the full patch notes below.

Certain bosses in Lies of P will be easier to kill after the latest patch

Lies of P Update 1.2 patch notes

Field Monster Balance Changes

  • Decreased the HP of certain field monsters
  • Increased the chance of breaking some monsters' stance and the frequency of stagger
  • Increased the staggerable window time
  • Decrease the HP of all 3 types of Dimensional Butterflies

Adjusted loot drops

  • Increased the drop rate of Moonstone type items
  • Decreased the drop rate of Star Fragments
  • Increased the drop rate of Ergo items
  • Increased the Ergo rewards of certain monsters that appear after Lorenzini Arcade

Boss Monster Balance Changes

  • Decreased the HP of Fallen Archbishop Andreus
  • Decreased the HP of King of Puppets in the first phase
  • Decreased the HP of Simon Manus, Arm of God
  • Decreased the damage of Simon Manus, Awakened God
  • Increased the chance to break the stance of Simon Manus, Awakened God'
  • Increased the Specter's HP and damage